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The third edition of 'Suomalaisen arvomaailman muutos, globalisaatio ja ajan henki' is now on sale. The book is written in Finnish (the title in English: 'The change in the Finnish set of values, globalization and zeitgeist').

Buy the book directly from the publisher, Books on Demand where the book is for sale either in paperback or hardcover or an e-book.

The book is available also at several other online bookstores, for instance:

And, for example, the following Online Stores sell the book as an e-book:
Elisa kirja
Amazon (Kindle Edition)

The price and delivery time of the book will vary depending on the seller.

Product details
The book is written in Finnish
Paperback or hardcover, glued to spine, or e-book
Size 17 x 22 cm
Printed on FSC certified  90 gr paper FSC® C105338
446 pages
ISBN: 978-952-80-6657-6 (hardcover)
ISBN: 978-952-80-6633-0 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-952-80-5875-5 (e-book)


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