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The data

The core of the research data consists of my dissertation study (1995) in which I was the first to apply Schwartz’s value theory and the Schwartz Value Survey based on it to the analysis of representative national samples. After my dissertation, I continued values research as a private entrepreneur. Today, the time series of Finnish values 1991–2015 is 24 years long, and the longest existing SVS time series of national samples.

However, the 1991–2015 time series of values falls short, and the first decade of the globalization of markets remains a missing link from the perspective of value development. For the analysis of the development of values in the 1980s, I have developed attitude estimates for the ten SVS values from the 1981–95 data of TNS Gallup’s RISC Monitor attitude survey.

The data of 1981–2015 studies represents the Finnish speaking population of Finland aged 15–75, consists of ten independent samples (1981, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1995, 1999, 2001, 2005 and 2015), and 15.130 respondents. The same data studies societal attitudes, the use and buying intentions of new technology, and media use. This data has not previously been analyzed from these perspectives.

The new fieldwork in 2015 extended the time series to 34 years, and concentrates to the analysis of the relationships between values, information and communication technology, media use, economic optimism and pro-environmental actions.

About half of the data is the property of my company, Limor Oy, and TNS Gallup Oy owns the rest. When the study is completed, all the research data owned by Limor Oy will be archived in the Finnish Social Science Data Archive. From the research data owned by TNS Gallup Oy, those parts will be archived which it is permitted to store according to international agreements with third parties.
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